• To protect and develop Makel corporate awareness and corporate culture.
  • With amateur spirit bearing the conscious of working at Makel and being from Makel, but, to constitute a long – term working environment that is built on solid and lasting foundations in harmony with the company vision in professional process.
  • To ensure that human values and priority of working source is widespread within corporate culture and to better acknowledge, understand the human resource and ensure its individual development and augment its efficiency.

"Our Most Valuable Asset is Our Employees.”

Makel’s Human Resources Strategy, which is trying to utter the concept of “Human Values”instead of Human Resources in the terminology, is;

To develop the manpower who is focused to company target and growth strategies, working as a team, participant to the process managements, open to transformation and world, continuously developing, affixing signature to achievements, happy, highly motivated and educated.

To do so,

  • Formation of staffs so as to generate added value to company growth and vision,
  • Ensuring that employees work being connected to corporate culture within the framework of laws and internationally – recognized ethical principles,
  • Ensuring that development of employees is acquired through constitution of managerial, individual and occupational development plans that will enhance the technical knowledge and skills of the employees in direction of the functions covered by the company values and positions,
  • Ensuring that a mutual trust - based, open and clear communication is brought in the working environment and corporate culture,
  • Execution of necessary studies for promoting motivation of the employees,
  • Encouraging the team work and composing the teams that use time effectively due to higher job concentration,
  • Ensuring that the quality awareness is internalized by all employees in every each process of operations,


Selection and Placement

The main principle in personnel selection and placement is to provide promotion opportunity to the candidates bearing job-entailed competencies under equal conditions without making any discrimination and conceding a privilege.

As Makel, in selection of human resource to be comprised in the organization, competency – based and selection and placement system necessitating candidates carrying the job-entailed qualifications is applied. Whether or not the nominees have the required competencies is determined by objective, reliable and applicable methods in process of selection and placement.

Instead of measuring the competency by some limited tests, Makel Companies Group prefers selecting the human value through interviews and face-to-face negotiations by unity of target. It carries out competency – based assessment with structured negotiation methods and manages the process. Average working period from Makel Companies Group is 120 years for white collar and 8 years for blue collar. The critical achievement factor for Makel is the long-term works carried out by the human resource whose competencies were upgraded.

Other than the announcements, overall application path is open around-the-year. All applications are meticulously scrutinized and in existence of a vacant position, communication is immediately activated with the candidates. During applications, the competencies in direction of requirements of related position and in – negotiation observed personal qualifications play a considerable role in selection of the candidate.

Wage Policy

Implementing competition – based wage system, Makel intends to upgrade performance and quality of the employee under equal context. In determination of the wage, competencies and performances of staff and market conditions are taken into consideration. Wage increases are made once a year, considering results of inflation and performance.

Working Hours: Weekdays 08.00 – 18.00

Performance System

Improvement of performance and revealing the areas needed to be developed by the employees are contained among fundamental targets. Performance is being utilized as a path to determine training requirements in evaluation organizations and causing us get acknowledged on important part of the training requirements.

Performance assessment has the most important share in determination of wage increments.

Educational Opportunities

As Makel, headed first in factors of success of HR management is to give assistance to their personal and occupational development by providing the training opportunities that will support occupational transformation and technologic development depending on technologic developments. The trainings are annually planned and determined on basis of person through conduct of competency – based performance assessments.

Internship Opportunities

Makel offers internship opportunity to the students of high school and university.

To give this opportunity to the students who attend to instruction from the institutions such as University, College, Technical High school, Vocational High School and obliged to do internship and monitor performance of these students throughout internship term and admitting the students showing necessary performance at the end of their education to the body of Maksel is the essential purpose of the system. For this purpose, pertinent sections notify the number of interns they want and the features they have determined together with these interns according to their own working conditions to Human Resources Management.

Internship applications are admitted between dates of 1 April and 15 May.

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