MAKEL is a group with Turkish net equity that has begun its activities in the sector of electrical supplies in year 1977 and has shown the achievement of affixing its signature to many initials ever. Being one of the leading firms of the market in its sector, Makel, as the export leader of the electrical materials sector of Turkey for long years, has been exporting the products it produces using the state-of-art techonogy to the all over the World. Maintaining its consistent growth both on Turkish market and also abroad markets in direction of the strategic plans it has defined, Makel aims at entering among first 10 companies on endorsement - based Asian, European and African markets at electricty measurement, control and distribution systems until 2020 and as for the domestic market, to become leading company.

Within product range of Makel that manufactures them in world standards and its automation-based latest technology machinery from its production facilities built on a 45 thousand square meters-surface area, there are switch and socket outlet groups, smart building systems, automatic circuit breakers, fuse boxes, leakage current protection switch, compact leakage current protection switches, electrical accessories, electronic meters, reactive power control relays, panel meters and led lighting products. Having one of the most-advanced laboratories of the country regarding the quality laboratory, Makel has been carrying out the quality tests of its products within its own structure. Being one of the externally approved laboratories of TSE/TSI excluding its own, Makel is at the same time, one of the Germen VDE-approved laboratories.

Being a name for preference in majority of the countries where it has been making export since early 1990s thanks to its quality, price and post-sale service and successful sale and marketing policies on the abroad markets, Makel is one of the company admitted to “Turquality Trademark Subvention Program” constituted by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy in order to support the trademarks advancing in the path of being a world mark. With the subvention of Turquality Program, Makel today aims at enlarging its export countries portfolio even more with different countries in different continents in addition to our existing for 70 countries.

The primary target of Makel which has achieved to have gone beyond even the growth figures it had aimed at both on Turkish market and also on abroad markets during year of 2011 is to materialize a consistent and healthy growth with a product range it might offer in the best quality and prices to its business partners and the end users.

Keeping on its consistent growth with a sum of 550-person employment figure, Makelattracts attention with the studies made regardign augmenting the training and happiness level of its employees. Maintain its uninterrupted R&D activities with its 35-person engineer and technician staff in ensuring the product quality that would meet the expectations of the consumer, Makel is expediting sone more every each year elapsing in its endeavors of research and product development which would take its quality higher levels on domestic and abroad markets.

As a prerequisite of the investment to the trademark and to the competition that has been graduall getting freshened even more, Makel keeps on making investments at the same speed.

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