MEA 11C is a network analyzer that displays and records measurements of all specified network parameters. It has one, two or three phase measurement capability. Can be used in two, three or four-wire networks.

Thanks to the structure of 96 x 96 mm format, it is suitable for all analogue displays. The 3.6-inch LCD display makes it possible to read measured parameters from a distance. In poorly lit environments, the MEA 11C also has
a background illumination to create the optimal reading area. 

MEA 11C uses the MODBUS protocol as the communication protocol.

  • The measurement information of parameters can be read from display
  • 3 wire + neutral systems can be measured.
  • It supports modbus protocol on RS485 communication. A Special PC software are available for downloading
  • specified parameters.
  • The turn rate of current transformer and the turn rate of voltage transformer can be changed.
  • The specified parameters can be recorded in static area with timestamp. the recorded parameters can be
  • downloaded to PC using special software.
  • The electricity in wires can be seen from the symbols on the LCD instantly.
  • The device is protected with password for authorized used.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment. carefully follow safe electrical operation practices.
  • Installation of this device must only be carried out by a qualified electrician. Safety measures must be read before installation.
  • Before starting work on the device, disconnect all power to the network analyzer and the equipment it is installed into.
  • Before starting work on the device, disconnect all power to the network analyzer and the equipment it is installed into.
  • Never remove the front panel when the device is connected to the network.
  • Never work alone when setting up, operating and servicing the energy analyzer.
  • Clean the energy analyzer with dry cloth only.
  • Do not touch the electricity wire during dismantling or installation of the energy analyzer.
  • The faultless use of the network analyzer depends on proper transport, installation and operation. Failure to observe the basic
  • installation rules may result in death, injury and equipment damage.
  • Separate all input and output cables for the network analyzer before exposing the equipment containing the network analyzer
  • to the high voltage test. Otherwise, high voltage tests may damage the electronic components of the network analyzer.
  • The network analyzer must be installed in a suitable electric panel.

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