Makel, which takes attention with Lumia Series Switches and Plugs that it puts on the market in the upper segment group, intends to take those modern and minimalist designs to living space with the options of metal, corian, solid wood and glass frames.

Makel opens the door of a modern era in design slightly with Lumia Series switches and plugs. Makel, which starts out with the motto of“TheKey of a New World”, intends to make all the difference in places with the options of metal, corian, wood and glass frames. Those new generation frames in Lumia series take those modern and minimalist designs to living spaces with the nobility of metal and corian, glamour of glass and the sincerity of wood.

In order to change the decoration without interfering to general strokes of places, you have to combine right places with right accessories. Lumia series, which adds a different style to walls with its thin and clear edges, appears as a decoration aspect beyond switch or plug. Products from Lumia Series, take elegance and warm touching to places with its different color and material options.

“Touch of Nature”

Corian series, which makes the ambiance of its location different, brings the touch of nature to indoors with its color options such as; Dusk, Aurora, Sandstone and Black quartz.

Lumia “glass” series, which takes attention with its glass option, adds an incredible shine and light to places where transparency and clearness located. Makel Lumia glass series, accommodates to glass materials and accessories with its colour options as black, white, blue and green.

“Decorations enliven with Metal and Wooden Series”

Makel Lumia metal series adds another dimension and ambiance to places. Lumia metal series, which makes a strong impression with its style in every place, combines the new frame of excellence and the grace of classic with its options as black, satin and silver.

Lumia wood series takes the naturality to your homes with its natural, minimalist and different style. Lumia Wood Series, shall be a trendsetter with the peace of wood and its supplementary tissue.

Makel Lumia series open the door of a new life slightly with its different and charming color and material options and a broad range of key and cover combinations.

From now on, walls take on new meaning with Makel Lumia.


Led Module: Long-lasting “Blue Light” a product of LED technology

Frame Options:Metal, Corian, Wood (Solid Wood) and Glass.

Halogen Free:Switch and Socket Outlet Cases with fireproof addivite

Chassis:Coated with antirust cataphoretic coating

Installation:Screwless installation option. Ease of installation on multiple frames, thanks to special design chassis. Socket Outlets are manufactured with ease of connecting grounding cables in the same direction

Flexibility:Flexible structure providing tolerance against surface defects on walls.

Safety:Claw structure allows for safe and strong installation. All socket outlets produced with child protection.

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