Providing aesthetic solutions for eye distorting views on your walls, the Distribution Boxes Series provides secure insulation and with opaque cover and flush and surface mounted options, they are to take their places in your environments.

Halogen free
Makel Distribution Boxes produced from halogene free material does not contain halogene elements such as bromine, fluorine, iodine and chlorine thus they do not produce toxic gases in case of a fire and they can be used safely in public areas such as schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, cinemas etc.

General Specifications

  • Halogen free
  • Body resistant to heat and impacts
  • Body resistant to flames and burning up to 650°C
  • Easy to mount inner volume
  • Easy usage with cover mechanism with spring
  • Cover usable dual sided
  • 180° moving cover
  • In conformity with international standards
  • Transparent and opaque colored cover options
  • 35 mm rail
  • IP 40 Protection Class
  • Isolated neutral electrical connection

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