As Makel Elektrik Malzemeleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş., our Quality Policy is to be a company that

  • Focuses on a permanent growth,
  • Is adapted to developing information and technology,
  • Develops relations by taking the cooperation as basis and prioritizes the expectations of all stakeholders,
  • Meets the company’s conditions and customer’s conditions, national/international legislations and standards,
  • Carries out its activities effectively and productively,
  • Is a company which develops both services and products and effectiveness of the Quality Management System by taking continuous improvement and innovation as basis.

As Makel; we follow up the below-mentioned basic principles while conducting our activities based on our Quality Policy;

  • Customer Orientation: We act in an effort to understand the needs of our customers and meets their needs and to exceed their expectations. We consider the security/safety of our customers as irreplaceable factor and carry out design and production activities in compliance with national/international standards
  • Leadership: We try to create and maintain a work environment including our employees as an integral part of our company in order to reach to our goals.
  • Loyalty of Personnel: We prioritize the safety, improvement and participation of our employees whom we consider as our important stakeholders by being aware of the value they shall add to our Quality System and Products.
  • Process Approach: we consider our activities as processes that are in interaction with each other and manage them in order to reach to consistent and predictable results more productively and effectively.
  • Improvement: We act and motivate by taking continuous improvement and innovation as basis.
  • Evidence-based decision making: We make our daily and strategic decisions by analyzing related data and information.
  • Relationship Management: We know that a relationship that provides mutual benefits has value creation

skills and we act with our foreign suppliers and other related parties in compliance with trust and continuity principles.


  • Is to become a firm that has less environmental effect in its all activities and uses more recyclable raw materials and technologies,
  • Complies with environmental legal legislation and customers requirements,
  • Takes its wastes under control and prevents environmental pollution by disposing it properly,
  • Ensures effectively usage of energy and natural resources,
  • Conducts environmental awareness promotion – oriented studies for all of our employees and suppliers,
  • Constantly improves effectiveness of Environment Management System and having reached at its previously defined environmental targets.
  • System and product certificates will be used in form as contained in our current web page.

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