Leakage current protection switches become activated in case of a leakage current in your connected mains and protects you and your environment from possible electric shock and fire dangers.

Makel Leakage Current Protection Switches are produced in accordance with TS EN 61008-1 standard, it comes with 3 kA,
6 kA and 10 kA short circuit cutting capacity, provided with 2 and 4 pole product choices, it presents easy mounting and safe
protection with 92 different product types.

Life protection leakage current protection switches;

Within international standards, a current level over 30mA passing through human body is the lethal threshold for life. Life protection leakage current protection switches cuts the current in case it exceed this level and provides a secure safety.

Leak Current Protection Switches With Fire Protection;

In the same time, 300mA leakage current is the threshold for the nominal cable installation materials to melt, burn or set flames. With the heat level achieved in 300mA current level, fire hazard becomes the issue. The leakage current protection with 300mA threshold value for fire protection cuts the energy of the current and provides secure protection.

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