Smarthome Applications Examples

Presence Sensor

Energy savings and comfort through motion based control. Indoor- outdoor lighting control (stairs, parking, living spaces, storage, WC, outdoor lighting).

Time Based Control

Systems required in living or working spaces can be controlled independently or collectively based on timeframes. Outdoor lighting, curtains, blind/shutters, pool, garden lightings, watering, cooling/heating.

Scenario Control

Central control and preferred mode is activated by only one touch. Preferred modes are programmed based on last user's preferences as well. Food mode, resting mode, cinema mode, visitor mode or vacation mode.

Heating / Cooling /

Heating systems control (floor heating, electrical heating, heater radiators); Cooling systems control (fan coil, A/C and Central A/C systems, VRV/VRF etc.). ) Room based viewing and control.

Presence Simulation

Your home continues to be animate and safe even while you are on vacation. Preferred modes can be programmed based on last user's preferences. Vacation mode, burglar mode.

Security and Air Conditioning

PRESENCE DETECTION FOR THE SECURITY SYSTEM - Take your security system to the highest level with presence detectors. A signal will automatically be sent to the system when someone enters the space so that you can be aware of all entries.

Security and Air Conditioning

ENERGY EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS - Curtain-light and air conditioning controls that are programmed with a switch and connected to a scenario are available. The lighting, curtain and air conditioning controls can be adjusted automatically according to detector and thermostat data. Curtain-light and air conditioning controls that are programmed with a switch and connected to a scenario are available. The lighting, curtain and air conditioning controls can be adjusted automatically according to detector and thermostat data.

Lighting Applications

AUTOMATIC LIGHTING CONTROL BY PRESENCE AND LIGHT LEVEL - With automatic lighting control by presence and light level create productive settings in areas like offices, workplaces, corridors, schools, restrooms, etc.

Lighting Applications

AUTOMATIC LIGHTING CONTROL BY MOTION AND LIGHT LEVEL - You can set your lighting automatically according to motion and the level of light in the room. For example on sunny days the light can be turned down and then turned up again to full capacity on cloudy days. In areas where no motion is detected the lights will not stay on unnecessarily providing energy efficiency.

Curtain, Shutter/Blind Control

Shutter/Blind control, roller blind control, window flap control, penthouse windows, garage door openers, projection screens and lifters.


Live Confortably


Energy Efficiency

Use Energy Efficiently with smarthome to achieve a more livable world and higher standards for life.


Are the precautions you have taken for the security of your home sufficient? Did you hear a concerning sound at night?

You can turn all the lights on at once by pressing a single button at your bedside. The more secure your building is the safer you will feel.

Motion detectors may determine uninvited guests and deter them before they enter your home, the doors and windows can be equipped to sound off a warning and send an SMS if tampered with.

Smoke detectors, heat detectors, flood detectors and gas leakage detectors can provide protection.

Strategically placed cameras can enable you to watch your home or record images over the internet or your mobile phone.

You can protect your home against burglary with motion detectors that are integrated with the building's automation system.

Smarthome is a system that can warn you with water detectors in the event of water leakages when you are not home and any gas leakage, smoke and fire events and can activate a variety of scenarios to deal with these situations. Also the presence detectors that are integrated into the system will allow you to monitor presence activity in various parts of your home or office.

Remote Access

Thanks to remote access you can control the systems in your house even before you get home. Thus you can create the ambience of your home being occupied even when you are out.

If you want to be greeted with a warm house when you come home you can use your mobile phone to connect with the system to operate your heat at whatever temperature you wish and control the other climate settings (humidity, fan speed control, under floor heating, etc.) and later integrate these into your system.

You can connect to the system in your home via pc or iPad and activate any scenarios you wish. No matter where you are you can control your building, due to the remote access via internet…

At the point where aesthetic meets with intelligence...

Gathering separately used functions and with optimized energy usage, Makel Smart Building Technology gets high on global standards KNX Norms

You Have the Control with Makel SmartHome System!

Now it so easy to control and manage illumination, heating, ventilation, security, measurement, timing, audio and video aquipments in your building.

Everything is Possible with the Makel Smart Home System...

Everything is Possible with the Makel Smart Home System...... You can have a system with maximum flexibility that can have to be adapted to alterations because of moving, change in objective, expansion or sectioning off.

You can access and configure the system via PDAr PC or a touchscreen.

You can monitor windows-doors with sensors, you can control underground parking areas and obtain problem notifications

Provided instant warnings in risky situations and you can adjust to turn off the system and you can also display performance curves and temperatures.

You can display error signals and you can also provide these signals automatically forwarded to technical teams or building manager.

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