The circuit breakers are mechanical assemblies for turning the circuit on and off in normal operational conditions whilecutting the circuit in abnormal conditions (short circuit and overcircuit). Compact switches are in low voltage circuitbreaker class with thermal and magnetic protection.
Makel Compact Switches are produced in accordance with IEC 60947-2 standards and they are used in energy distributiontables and their transmission lines for safe protection against overcurrents and instantaneous short circuits.Putting safety as a priority, Makel isolates all the contacts carrying voltage.

Provided with a product range from 25 A to 800 A, Makel Compact Switches comes with magnetic and thermal openingmechanisms thus providing high safety and quality together.

  • MCCBs; 160 A, 250 A, 400 A, 500 A, 630 A, 800 A rated current
  • A wide product range with 50 different types
  • Provides easy installation the custom-made ergonomic design
  • Body structure resistant to external impacts
  • Compliance with 950 °C glow wire test against heat and flame
  • 100% domestic production, Made in Turkey
  • Body resistant to abnormal heat and flame
  • BMC nonflammable, VO thermoplastic raw materials, Halogen free
  • Adjustable current and magnetic range
  • Products resistant to mechanical and electrical impacts
  • Products with aesthetic, transparent polycarbonate cover
  • Products passing 5000 V dielectric and isolation tests
  • Products passing short circuit tests with 25 kA, 35 kA, 50 kA, 65 kA options
  • Wide product ranges from 25 A to 800 A
  • Protection IP20
  • 100% Quality Control during production

Makel Compact Switches protect the circuit in thermal and magnetic means.

Thermal protection (overload protection):

Thermal protection is to protect the circuit against overload. This protection process uses bimetal material which has two metals with different temperature coefficients.When the bimetal is heated, it bends towards the metal side with smaller thermal coefficient.

When overload happens, the current value exceeds the nominal current value and with current increase, the bimetal temperature and the temperature of contacts increase.This way, the bending bimetal helps a cutting mechanism and opens the current with this movement in this mechanism.The switch protects the circuit from overload and over current with this method.

Magnetic protection (short circuit protection):

When two conductor touches with each other or when one of them touches to the ground connection, this causes short circuit. In short-circuit, the resistance is near to zero.For this reason, the short circuit current may reach thousands of times of the normal operational current values.If not prevented, short circuit is very harmful and destructive.For this reason, the circuits shall be cut in very short times. A big magnetic field is inducted on the magnetic protection mechanism of the switch in short circuit conditions and the force created by this magnetic field pulls the moving core to the stable core quickly and the moving core hits the opening mechanism with its rapid hitting.
Apart from the magnetic and thermal protection, limitor feature is the most important protection system. This current limitation feature named limitator provi des the currents in each contact to pass in opposite directions with U shaped stable contact. During shortcut, the reverse magnetic field created in between stationary and moving contacts produce a pushing force and the moving 75 % of its value thus preventing devices connected to the circuit from getting harmed seriously. There are three positions showing the position of the Compact switch.

ON /I: Shows that the contacts of the switches are closed. In this case, the crown of the switch is at top position.

TRİP: It shows that the switch is open for a failure reason (overload or short circuit). In this case, the switch crown is in between ON and OFF positions.

OFF / 0: Shows that the contacts of the switches are open. In this case, the crown of the switch is at bottom position.

In order to take the switch in Trip position to ON position;
Press the switch arm towards the OFF label. The switch will be set with the “Click” sound (reset position).In order to turn the switch off, press on the arm towards ON direction. 

NOTE: If the switch is equipped with low voltage coil, shutting the switch off is only possible when the low voltage coil voltage is energised with nominal value. 

Trip butonu: This is the red button on the cover controlling opening mechanism. When this button is pressed, themechanism starts working and the contacts of the switch opens rapidly.             

Mechanic operation control (test): The switch is closed and opened 5 times. The arm shall be able to move easily and itshall be able to stay in between I and 0 positions in a stable way.

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