The Makel Motor Protection Breakers are electrical switch products that thermal-magnetically protect the motor in situations that don’t require the remote control of electrical motors, from start phase loss, overload and short circuits.

They are produced in accordance with TS EN 60947-4-1 standards, in 3kA short circuit breaker capacity in various nominal currents from 0.1A up to 32 A and CE and RoHS certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 management system.

The Makel Motor Protection Breakers are equipped with two opening elements which are thermal-overload and magnetic short circuit current. The most important features that set the Makel Motor Protection Breakers apart from circuit breakers and automatic fuses are:

  • By breaking all the phases at the same time when overload or short circuit occurs, it protects the motor and system.
  • By turning off the motor in a very short time (millisecond) when a short circuit occurs it prevents possible damage.

The Makel KNS 12 type breakers have been designed especially for motor protection. They are stabilized using TS EN 60947-4-1. KNS 12 type breakers are used in the protection of electrical motors up to 15kW (380/400). Any user needs can be accommodated with a variety of accessories.

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