The circuit breakers are mechanical assemblies for turning the circuit on and off in normal operational conditions while cutting the circuit in abnormal conditions (short circuit and over circuit). Compact switches are in low voltage circuit breaker class with thermal and magnetic protection.


Makel Compact Switches are produced in accordance with IEC 60947-2 standards and they are used in energy distribution tables and their transmission lines for safe protection against over currents and instantaneous short circuits. Putting safety as a priority, Makel isolates all the contacts carrying voltage.

Provided with a product range from 25 A to 800 A, Makel Compact Switches comes with magnetic and thermal opening mechanisms thus providing high safety and quality together.

In the electric circuits the arisen ground leakage current including very small values (30mA) is quite dangerous in terms of safety and fire. Additional protection must be done againts small ground leakage currents because normal circuit breakers cannot feel these small leakages. To electronic circuit breakers the ground leakage protection system may be added externally without an additional mechanism. Protection in this system are made with sensitivity (0,1-1) xIn. In nonelectronic breakers and in electronic breakers which need protection lower than above value, system is protected with Makel LCCB with leakage protection to trip off in the case of ground leakage currents , before LCCB must be installed with together or one of the remote shunt release or auixilary contact blocks.

30 mA value current protection switch for human life protection and a (100-300-500-1000)mA value current protection switch for fire protection shall be used.

  • Ergonomic design provides easy assembly
  • Reinforced body structure resistant to external impacts
  • Resistant to heat and flame up to 960˚C
  • PA 66, V0 non-flammable thermoplastic body and cover
  • Halogen Free
  • 100 % domestic production, Made in Turkey 
  • 100% Quality Control during production 
  • Product range of 456 items

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