Makel Contactors are connection devices that enable the opening and closing of an electrical circuit which have a normal position of on. The most important feature that distinguishes Makel Contactors from other switch types in terms of operation and type of use is that it can open and close the circuit more frequently and by remote control. 

Contactors are generally comprised of a main conductor component and a switch triggering mechanism. The main
current conductor components, main and auxiliary contacts are the separator (arc extinguishing cells) and connection ends that are used on the high amperage contactors. The triggering system components are comprised of iron core, bobbin and spring. 

Contactors are produced and tested according to IEC 60947-4-1, TS EN60947-4-1 standards. 

The contactors cannot be used on their own as circuit protection elements but when used together with thermal relays they protect the circuit against excessive current loads.

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