Industries can keep their energy supply healthy, by monitoring and supervising their power system with the help of Makel Panelmeter solutions. Makel panelmeter products with reactive power control relay offer complete product portfolio to its customers. 

Panelmeter product portfolio includes 3-phase measuring M6T, M3T Multimeters, V3T Voltmeters and 1-phase measuring A1M Ammeter, V1M Voltmeter products. A1M and V1M have single display group, M3T and V3T have 3 display group and M6T has 6 display group.

  • Voltmeters are three phase devices and can measure line-neutral voltages, line-line voltages and phase frequencies.
  • Multimeters are multifunctional devices which can measure many electrical parameters of the system. Multimeters can
  • measure phase currents, line-neutral voltages, line-line voltages and phase frequencies. They can also calculate the
  • neutral current and cos values.
  • Panelmeter models can generate alarms via relays if the system parameters like currents and voltages go out of the
  • boundary limits which user configures or if there is a phase sequence error.
  • Panelmeters have 3 or 6 group of 4 digit seven segment displays. User can see 3 phase data at the same time.
  • Maximum values of currents, line-neutral voltages, line-line voltages, demands of currents and minimum values of
  • currents, line-neutral voltages, line-line voltages are recorded in its flash memory and can be displayed.
  • The metering menu of the multimeter can be changed automatically in period of from 1 to 15 seconds.
  • Maximum demand period can be adjusted.
  • Current and voltage transformer ratio can be configured.
  • To prevent unauthorized person to change the configuration, it is possible to activate password control.
  • Current starting delay can be set for motor applications.
  • Instant tripping property can be activated separately for current, voltage and frequency values.
  • Latch property of relays of the panelmeter can be activated and the default position of the relays can be reversed.
  • Modbus RTU protocol is supported over RS485 line. So the measured values and configuration values can be read
  • and configuration values can also be changed.

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