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MAKEL Elektrik Malzemeleri A.Ş has been operating in the Turkey Electric Materials Industry since 1977 as the brand called MAKEL.

As one of the leading companies in Turkish market, those electric materials produced by Makel are used in more than 40 countries in 3 continents all over the world everyday with safety. Makel, which makes all its production in its facilities in Turkey by using national capital at all, takes as principle “to give what it takes from Turkey to Turkey again”. It increases its power with “Turquality Support Program” and continues to bring Makel as a Turkish brand to every point of the world.

Makel is taken to the scope of “Turquality Support Program” as from 2010 since it meets the criteria in its scope such as operational and organizational competence and power and performance of the brand.

Makel Sales and Marketing Coordinator Nihat Ünver told that Turquality is the first and only state-backed brandization program in the world. Gradually getting difficult conditions of competition and changing consumption routines motive those companies which intend to take place in the international markets in order to create brands. In competitive industries such as textile and garment industry, automotive, electric-electronic and food, the importance of the brandization gradually increases. Ünver added that Turquality keeps the competition advantage in its hands in Turkey today and he expressed that Turquality is a financial support platform that is created in order to ensure managing knowledge, institutionalization and development of companies which have potential of brandization as including all processes from production to marketing, sales to after-sales services. He continues his word as following:

“Turquality aims to support companies in the framework of support platform which is created by determining those companies which have potential of creating brands.   In international markets, companies have to know, understand the consumer and analyze their approaches and behaviors in order to bring their products to a preferable position against products of rival companies in the gradually increasing competition conditions. It is an important factor that consumers have a positive image and understanding on the product for the preferability of the product. For Turkish products to brandize; those companies have to create a strong image in abroad. Turkish export has to be supported with “Turkish Brand” image, this plays an important role for Turkish brands in taking place in the world markets.”


Thursday, April 18, 2013 9:14:00 AM



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