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MAKEL Group held dealers` meeting in Ukraine where it has been successfully exporting its products for many years. 2011 sales and marketing plans for the MAKEL brand were reviewed at the meeting, and aims were increased up to 45% development rate.

MAKEL held Ukraine dealers` meeting in Kiev, capital city of Ukraine, which is a leading country among primary overseas markets of MAKEL. All MAKEL dealers that sell MAKEL brand electrical goods in Ukrainian market took part in the meeting. 

Nihat Ünver, MAKEL Sales and Marketing Coordinator, took the place at the meeting, and pointed out that they attach significant importance to Ukrainian market. He said, "MAKEL always considers its dealers as business partners, and is happy to carry on cooperation based on mutual respect, reliance, and rules of business ethics for many years. Thanks to well-educated and qualified work force, population of 46 million people, and gross domestic product of nearly 139 billion US Dollars Ukraine is one of the most powerful economies in the region following Russia, and Ukraine is increasing its power in the region. We closely observe Ukrainian market. Our Sales and Marketing teams are carrying out intensive activities in the region. We will supply MAKEL brand electrical goods that have been successfully proven high quality of Turkish Products in our neighbor Ukrainian market throughout Ukraine more intensively." 

Mr. Ünver also revealed, "Our successful marketing activities fulfilled in 2010 are showing their effect. Therefore, we revised our sales target fro 2011. Our new target for 2011 is 45% growth in the Ukrainian market compared to the previous year. MAKEL has wide range of products and powerful dealers and thanks to them we will further increase our efficiency in the Ukrainian market. This will also help us increase our market share". Mr. Ünver pointed out that due to its situation and role in the region Ukraine has special interest for the European Union and Russia, and both sides are trying to take Ukraine under its influence. He said, "Regardless of direction, in which Ukraine is moving, it will be an important market for Turkey in the future, as it is today. MAKEL is strengthening its corporate structure against competition of foreign countries and firms". 

MAKEL`s Export Director Gülbeyan Altınok pointed out that MAKEL is one of the first companies commenced activities in the Ukrainian market. She said, "We have been carried out successful activities in Ukraine during the past years. Sales campaigns organized in order to increase MAKEL product demand at sales points in 2010 were very successful. Our dealers achieved their sales targets, and we delivered deserved gifts to all sub-dealers and electricians for purchasing MAKEL products. All companies that we cooperate with revealed that such a successful and well-organized sales campaign in Ukraine fits corporate identity of MAKEL and the market, and proves serious intentions of MAKEL". Altınok also said, "We are concentrating on enlarging our product range with new products of high quality, and increasing quality of service provided for dealers of MAKEL. Design of our products is highly appreciated in the sector. MAKEL brand products attract great interest in the market thanks to high quality, and are accepted as an international brand. Share of MAKEL in the Ukrainian market will be continually increasing. Our goal is to implement consistent and reliable sales policy, and achieve stable grown".

MAKEL`s Dealers in Ukraine also took the place at the meeting, and revealed that working principles of MAKEL Company based on mutual reliance is very important for them; they will boost their activities in the region, and surely achieve their targets at the end of 2011.

Thursday, May 12, 2011 11:59:00 AM



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