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"2009 Turkey Dealers` Meeting" organized by Turkey`s leading firm in field of electrical goods, Makel Group of Companies, was held on June 17, 2009. 
Authorized Dealers of Makel successfully selling Makel`s products throughout Turkey took part in this meeting. Dealers visited production facilities of Makel Group of Companies in Istanbul B.Çekmece after having a lunch in a beautiful place of Istanbul.

The most advanced technologies of Makel were presented 
Makel Dealers carried out certain observations of production facilities together with Makel`s Engineers in the first part of the program. Dealers thoroughly examined each stage of manufacturing at production facilities, and they were given information about technologies used by Makel and which are the most advanced in their areas. Automation machines that were recently brought into service and carry significant importance for efficiency and high quality were presented to participants. 

"We will be one of the leading companies of the world in this field"
Guests were invited to Makel conference hall after a factory tour. A nostalgic presentation was made about the way that Makel Group of Companies has gone through from the past to present. Chairman of Board of Directors of Makel Group of Companies Mr. Necati Çalışkan took the floor and said, "Makel Group of Companies carries on its activities in spite of the crisis deeply affecting our country and its negative impacts. We did not fire any of our employees, we continue our investments, and as you witnessed we carry out major investments in automation and new products." Mr. Çalışkan expressed his happiness from gathering with Makel Dealers in a period of such crisis, and added that he is sure they will overcome these hard days all together. Mr. Çalışkan noted that there is certain decrease in sales volumes of Makel, Turkey`s number 1 exporter in this field. He also expressed that Turkey`s market is very important for them at all times, and said, "We will add new products such as surge group socket, wet place series, reactive power control relay, leakage current relay, and compact switch to our product range in order to further strengthen our dealers in domestic as well as foreign markets in coming days. We expect improvement in economy in the last quarter of 2009. Makel aims to become one of the leading companies of the world in the field of electrical goods in the near future. We will succeed it together with our dealers." 

Further Makel Dealers were given information about new products, and "Cellia" series recently offered to market by Makel in group of switch-socket, which gained great appreciation of consumers, and reactive power control relay were presented to them. 

Idea of returning to Turkey what it received from Turkey 
Mr. Nihat Ünver, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, made a speech and said, "We aim to boost work carried out by Makel Group of Companies in Turkey`s market, and take the Makel trademark to higher levels all together. We would like you to know that we are proud of Makel`s activities carried out till today based on principles of decency, justice, transparency, reliability, and with idea of returning to Turkey what it received from Turkey, and great enthusiasm. You, our esteemed business partners, have great share in what we have achieved until today. Together we will continue to make our best to achieve more success with notion of value and importance of this responsibility." 
At the end of the meeting the Board of Directors of Makel Group of Companies presented letters of commendation and special gifts to Makel Dealers for their successful work and as a memory of "2009 Turkey Dealers` Meeting".

Happy end in fabulous scenery of the Bosporus 
Makel Dealers Family relaxed in a Bosporus tour after the meeting. They set to the Bosporus from Bebek coast on a boat to take part in a "Welcome to the summer" party organized for them. After delicious dinner in magnificent view of the Bosporus, famous artist Ahmet Selçuk İlkan sang his lyrics for Makel Dealers Family. İlkan`s musician friends performed remarkable music show. 
This eventful organization was intended to satisfy dealers in every issue.

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