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Makel Group of Companies carried out 11th of traditional Umrah trips between August, 01-09. This trip is organized every year on "laylat al-baraa" (the night of repentance), one of the holiest nights in Islam. More than 170 Makel volunteers took part in the trip. Makel participated in the trip together with Mr. Murat ERTURAN, Turkey Sales Director, and Mr. Burak YILMAZ and Mr. Hamit YILDIZBAŞ from sales team in order to personally care about its customers and strengthen its ties with them. Our guests left for Medina from Atatürk Airport on a plane specially chartered for Makel in the morning of 1st August. Guests were accommodated in their rooms at Movenpick Hotel in Medina. First of all, they visited grave of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) accompanied by imams and guides in the Masjid an-Nabawi (the Mosque of Prophet). Further guests performed their prayers in Ravza-i Mutahhara (the tomb of Prophet) situated in the Masjid an-Nabawi during all day. It is believed that a prayer performed in this place is equal to a prayer performed in paradise. 

Jannat al-Baqi, a cemetery where over 10.000 Sahabah including Aisha (RA) and Othman (RA) rest, was visited during Medina trip. Afterwards guests visited Uhud mountain and Uhud martyr`s cemetery where Khamza (RA) rests, Masjid al-Kiblatayn, a mosque with two kiblahs (directions of prayer), Masjid al-Quba, the first mosque of Islam, and Handak region, where the Handak war took place. 

Guest put on ihram clothes in Mikat region in 10 km out of Medina on 4th day of the visit in order to leave for Mecca. The group set for Mecca on highway together with our imams and guides. They read out prayers and praising to Holy Prophet (pbuh) all the way to Mecca. Thus, the Umrah visit was performed in the best manner. The Umrah prayers were completed after common circumambulation of the Kaaba and Sa`I (seven rounds between Safa and Marwah). Guests visited places around Mecca such as Arafat, Muzdalifa, Mina Park, cemetery of Jannat al-Mualla, the Mosque of Gins, Sarv Mountain, Nur Mountain, and Hira Cave located on hadj route. Furthermore, camel milk was offered to our guests during visit to camel farm in Khudaybiya region located out of Mecca. 
Laylat al-baraa, one of the most important and holiest nights of this visit, was spend with prayers and preaching by Prof. Dr. Salim ÖĞÜT. 
Traditional Umrah trip of Makel came to an end on 9th August with great satisfaction of guests. They all promised to meet again next year in this holy land.

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