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Makel Group of Companies rewarded its dealers for success in 2009 Sales Campaign with a Ukraine-Yalta trip. 36 Makel dealers from all over Turkey took part in the trip carried out during 02-06 July, 2009. Dealers took off from Istanbul to Simferopol. Then they arrived at Yalta Hotel, their accommodation address and one of the best hotels of the region, after a 1,5 hour bus journey. Yalta is known as the most developed vacation town of Ukraine. It is a town with beautiful coast, high-quality accommodation and entertainment facilities located on coast of Black Sea. Population of Yalta, the most important center of Ukraine in vacation and healthcare tourism, increases over 500 thousand during summer time due to flow of visitors from many countries of the world. 

Makel Dealers enjoyed great sun and the sea in Yalta, and had opportunity to visit historical places of the region. They visited historical places where the Yalta Conference, which was held at the end of the World War II and known as one of the most famous conferences in history, took place during their trip to Swallow`s Nest and the Libadiye Palace. Guest listened to detailed information provided by the guide. It is known that when Germany`s defeat was obvious in the World War II, leaders of USA, England and Russia met in Yalta between February 04-11, 1945, and took important decisions on disarming Germany after the war and issues related to its future, discussed main outlines of post-war world geography, and founding the United Nations. They also reached agreement on general principles of the United Nations Agreement. Alliance formed among these countries during the war was weakened after the Yalta Conference, and a new era began, which gave rise to competition and clash of interests between these countries. 

After a wonderful vacation spent in YaltaMakel Dealers returned to Istanbul on a plane on July 6, 2009 with determination that they will carry out another successful sales campaign next year and come back to Yalta.

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