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Makel, one of the leading brands of Electric-Switch-Plug sector, makes a strong impression with its new switch and plug series of high segment group called Cellia, Modular Series and Lumia that are all put on the market.

“Life is Bright…Brightness is “Cellia”!

Cellia switch-plug series, which is tailor-made designed for people who intended to have all details in their lives different than everyone and give importance to being different and aesthetic, presents its consumers stylish options.  Cellia products, which bring a new and fresh breath to places with its new frame and button colors appealing to pleasures and with its cute and thin design, is designed as meeting all needs and expectations beyond being a switch-plug group by functioning of reaching to light, energy and data which take an important role in daily life.

Cellia switch and plug series which have 34 different functions that meets several intended purposes, presents solutions that are appropriate for every pleasures with frames in 6 different colors and covers in 7 different colours. Cellia brings a new and stylish breathe to the place where you are. The blue led light on the switches of Cellia draws the attention both as a stylish decoration element and for functionality.  

 Cellia sw,tch-plug series won the award of “GLabel” and “Gold Quality” which is given by German – VDE Company by passing those tests of operating time, quality of product surface and product durability successfully which are made by one of the most esteemed independent control & approval institutions of the world, German “VDE Prüf-und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH VDE Testing and Certification Institute.

A Switch of a New World

Lumia switch-plug series, intends to make all the difference in places with the options of metal, corian, wood and glass frames.  Those new generation frames in Lumia series take those modern and minimalist designs to living spaces with the options of metal and corian, glass and wood. 

Makel Lumia series open the door of a new life slightly with its different and charming color and material options and a broad range of key and cover combinations. 

From now on, walls take on new meaning with Makel Lumia.

Lumia series, which adds a different style to walls with its thin and clear edges, appears as a decoration aspect beyond switch or plug. Products from Lumia Series, take elegance and warm touching to places with its different color and material options. Corian series, which makes the ambiance of its location different with its marble appearance,  brings the touch of nature to indoors with its color options such as; Dusk, Aurora, Sandstone and Black quartz.

Lumia “glass” series, which takes attention with its glass option, adds an incredible shine and light to places where transparency and clearness located. Makel Lumia glass series, accommodates to glass materials and accessories with its colour options as black, white, blue and green.

Makel Lumia metal series adds another dimension and ambiance to places. Lumia metal series, which makes a strong impression with its style in every place, combines the new frame of excellence and the grace of classic with its options as black, satin and silver.

Lumia wood series takes the naturality to your homes with its natural, minimalist and different style. Lumia Wood Series shall be a trendsetter.

Concept designs peculiar to modern places  

“Makel Modular Series”

Makel, which draws attention with its products with different styles and designs for living spaces that are renewed with the recently fast-growing modern architecture, presents comfort and functionality together with “Makel Modular Series” which is the combination of grace and functionality.

Modular Series, which allows using more switch functions together, takes attention with its charming decorative appearance. “Makel Modular Series” products which present the variety of products in three different designs such as Cellia Modular Metal, Milanta Modular and Kare Modular, become a new meeting point of the light in places.

Makel Modular Series which keeps several different functions from two modules up to seven modules under a single frame at the same time (data, plug, telephone, switch, etc.), provides practical solutions for narrow spaces. Makel Modular Series, which draws attention with its button, cover and frame options in different colors, comes into fashion for modern buildings that look for difference and functionality in design.

Cellia Modular Series,  takes attention with its thin soft lines and colours and its led light technology that is used in its switches. Cellia Modular Series which combines technology with grace, presents two different options with its stylish design such as plastic and metal. Cellia shall reflect its grace to your modern places with its several options such as; plastic frames in 18 different colors, metal frames in 6 different colors and modules in 4 different colors.

Kare Modular Series, reflects those modern lines of today by combining clear cuts with simplicity. There are options of 18 different colors in frame and 4 different colors in modules. Neon light technology is used in its switches.

Milanta Modular Series, shall add style to your modern places with its outstanding design that presents different appearance from every aspect by means of 18 different color options in frames and 4 different colors options in modules.  Neon light technology is used in its switches.

Makel Modular Series which presents infrastructure solutions that are suitable for installations in the flush mounted Italian and circular cases, allows using 52 different options of functions to be used together from switches to dimmers. 

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