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MAKEL Group exhibited its new products at 12th Energy, Electric and Electronic Technologies Fair ELECTROTECH`11, which was held in Tüyap, Istanbul Buyukcekmece on March 17 - 20, 2011. Representatives of local and foreign companies, consumers, professional organizations who visited the fair pointed out that MAKEL`s stand and presentation of its products made the WIN Fair more exciting. 

 12th of Energy, Electric and Electronic Technologies Fair ELECTROTECH`11 was arranged this year. The fair hosted high level of attendance by local and foreign companies. MAKEL Group took part in the WIN Fair with its especially designed stand on area of 192 m2 equipped with special visual effects. MAKEL`s stand was visited by MAKEL`s dealers, nearly 74 associations from all around Turkey, 20 chambers of electrical technicians, 10 chambers of electrical engineers, 3 chambers of mechanical engineers, Association of Electrical Installation Engineers, Chamber of Architects, and officials of TEDAŞ. All visitors were greatly interested in MAKEL products. 

MAKEL`s stand also attracted great interest of delegations of foreign companies from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, South Korea, Holland, Romania, Spain, South Africa, and Taiwan. Consumers of electrical goods that visited the WIN Fair expressed their interest and appreciation of MAKEL`s stand, and that a Turkish brand has been used with great confidence in Turkey and more than 40 other countries of the world, and MAKEL has been honorably ranking first in export listing in this field for many years. A Turkish brand MAKEL attracted great interest with its high quality products manufactured by continually renewed technologies. 

MAKEL exhibited at the WIN Fair switch-socket, group socket, fuse, fuse box, electronic meter, reactive power compensation relays, Safeguard Shock Protected Group Socket, and accessories included in its wide product range offered in the field of electrical goods, in which MAKEL has been carrying out its activities since 1977. In 2011 MAKEL presented new items in its product range such as Millanta Modular Series, Surge Protected Socket Outlets, Water Proof Plus IP55 Switch Series, Miniature Circuit Breakers (3kA, 6kA and 10kA), and Compact Switches (160 Ampere - 250 Ampere - 400 Ampere).

 MAKEL`s luxury switch-socket group Cellia was successfully exhibited in the widest and the special part of the stand. Cellia switch series was greatly appreciated by all visitors thanks to elegant and special design, excellent technical features, and special color options. Cellia switch series has all features that must have a switch series, and it offers wide range of color combinations, 6 different frame colors; gold, mat gold, chrome, mat chrome, sateen and smoky, and 7 different key and cover colors; smoky, silver, vinous, black, dry rose, dore, and green.

 New MAKEL brand products that MAKEL started to manufacture in 2011 and especially exhibited at the WIN Fair:

New product -  Millanta Modular Switch & Socket Series 
New switch-socket series named "Millanta Modular Series" offers more elegant, aesthetic and optimal solutions for every-day needs in all living areas, and make your premises more spacious. Millanta Modular Series is greatly appreciated thanks to sharp lines, elegant appearance, frame options from 2 module to 7 module sizes, 18 different frames one better than another, and 4 different options of key-cover colors.

New product - Miniature Circuit Breakers
"Miniature Circuit Breakers" that will be wholly manufactured locally were greatly appreciated by representatives of firms in field of electrical goods. Complete manufacturing of Leak Current Switches will be carried out in Turkey. Total of 60 different products with capacity 3kA, 6kA and 10kA were offered to visitors. These products provide total protection against leak current and electric shock at home, office and residence areas. Product options with human and fire protection were also offered.

New product - Water Proof Plus IP55 Switch & Socket series 
MAKEL added new product, Wet Place Plus IP55 switch-socket series, to its switch series with protection against moisture and dust. These products can be reliably used in all indoor and outdoor premises exposed to contact with water and dust (bathroom, kitchen, terrace, balcony, walking areas, parks, etc.).

New product - Surge Protected Socket Outlet

MAKEL Surge Protected Socket Outlets provides full and reliably protection of electrical and electronic devices used at home and work place against adverse effects of power mains. Surge Protected Socket Outlet is available in Cellia, Lillium, Lillium Natural Kare, Lillium Kare, Mimoza and Defne switch and socket series.

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