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MAKEL Group presented its new products and technologies to Russian consumers at Exhibition Electro 2011 (20th International exhibition for Electrical Equipment for Power Engineering, Electric Engineering and Electronics) held on June 06-09, 2011 in Russian capital Moscow.

6 companies from Turkey including MAKEL Group took part in the exhibition that was held at venue of "Expocentre Exhibition", one of significant exhibition centers of Moscow. Total of 22 international companies from different countries including Turkey and host Russia participated the exhibition. 
Stand of MAKEL Group at Electro Exhibition with area of over 60m2 and modern design was one of the largest exhibition points. Thanks to new products added to product range MAKEL`s stand became focus of interest by business partners, dealers in Russia, and Russian consumers who visited the fair. MAKEL presented its new product in the range switch-socket series DEFNE, leakage current switches produced in Turkey, Modular System Switch Series known as the Italian type, and shock protected earthed socket for the first time in Russia. Visitors of the fair were given technical properties and advantages of these products. Besides the new products MAKEL also presented currently manufactured luxury switch-socket series CELLIA, carrier sockets, fuses, fuse boxes, and accessories. MAKEL held negotiations with firms-exhibitors from other countries, and reached agreements on new cooperation.

MAKEL, Turkey`s leading manufacturer of electrical goods, has achieved 30% of Russian market thanks to marketing and sales network, aesthetic and high-quality product range.

MAKEL Group exported products over 50 million dollars in 2010, and it is aiming to increase export by 40% in 2011. MAKEL Group is exporting its products to over 40 countries around the world, and it is very happy with values of the first 5 months.

MAKEL`s Sales and Marketing Coordinator Nihat Ünver, who met customers at "Electro 2011" exhibition in Moscow, said

"Makel Group, one of doyen companies of Turkish materials sector that has been carrying out its activities in field of electrical goods since 1977, is leader of the field in many matters. The company is carrying out manufacturing on facility with area of 45 thousand square meters and employs one thousand 500 people together with its subcontractors. It has been a leading exporter of Turkey`s in this field for many years. Our goal is to increase trademark recognition and market share in countries where we conduct business. We began to enlarge our portfolio with new countries, mainly Western European countries. Export takes up 65 percent of our total sales. Russia`s large population, understructure and infrastructure under renovation provide us with great potential, and it is a significant export market for Turkey. We rank the first place as the most recognized, preferred and wanted brand in the field in Russia. We managed to achieve 30% market share under conditions of tough competition with world brands and cheap Chinese goods. Our high-quality aesthetic goods produced as 100% domestic brand with 100% domestic capital are our power. We are proud to represent image of Turkish Brand in Russia and lead other Turkish brands, and share our experience with them".

Furthermore, Makel`s Sales and Marketing Coordinator Nihat Ünver, revealed that the company is aimed at enlarging its market share in Russia, and for that purpose it is adding new products to its product range.

Makel`s Marketing Branch Director in Russia Fatih Özhan informed that Makel has been selling its products in Russia for 16 years, and said
"There is no settlement in Russia, where Makel`s products are not delivered. Definitely, a Makel brand product is used in every building". Mr. Özhan said the following on work that has been carried out in order to increase brand recognition of Makel in Russia, "Our dealers are providing seminars and training workshops for employees and sales points in the field on field of electrical goods and Makel all around Russia. These activities contribute to development of the sector and Makel. I guess we are the first in this field to grant prizes in order to stimulate sales. Our campaign is continuing from May 20, 2011 to July 20, 2011. Successful deals will be awarded presents such as vacation in Turkey, computer, mobile phone, and other valuable presents. Although the campaign just begun we observe positive development in our sales. I think relations between Turkey and Russia is at very good point, and abolishment of visa between two countries is a very important step. Turkey`s ambassador to Russia Aydın Adnan Sezgin, Head Trade Secretary Atilla Kızılarslan, and Trade Consultant Hakkı Karabörklü visited our stand at Electro 2011 exhibition, and were very pleased with it".

Albina Gataullina, one of founders of company Elbest, which has been Makel`s dealer for 16 years, pointed out that Makel`s products are greatly demanded in Russian market, and they are very happy with this situation. She said, "Makel brand products, group sockets and switches are generally used in every building, hospital, school or restaurant that I visit. Development in construction field will result in increase of demand for Makel`s products".

MAKEL will maintain its investment and activities in field of electrical goods with great in order to contribute in Turkey`s promotion to deserved high ranking worldwide. Ambassador Mr. Aydın Adnan Sezgin emphasized that they are aware of and appreciate Makel`s power and activities. 

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