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Makel Counters are exhibited in the international fair that held in the Netherlands.

Makel Şirketler Grubu(Corporate Group) presented its counters in the biggest and wide-ranging international energy measuring Technologies and products fair of Europe called “Metering Billing/CRM Europe, Transmission & Distribution/Smart Grids Europe, Smart Homes ‘’ which is held in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam in 09 – 11 October 2012.

Makel electronic counters, speeds up its attention on studies in order to widen its sales network in exports as well as to export its electronic counters to the leading countries of the world, besides its market leadership in Turkey on the electronic counter market.  

Makel attented to the biggest energy measuring Technologies and products fair of Europe which was held in Holland, in order to expand its electronic counter export that it already makes to neighboring countries of Turkey as of today to especially European countries and other markets. Makel counters, remote reader systems and panelmeters were presented to different buyers from different countries of the world and some commercial negotiations were made. Over 320 companies including world’s leading electronic counter manufacturers were attended to the fair and over 6700 professional company representatives visited the fair with the aim of purchase.

Makel branded products including electronic counters (monophase, three-phase and combi), Reactive Power Control Units, Panelmeters and smart Wport-Gsm-Gprs-Edge Modems that are tailor-made designed for remote reading systems which are produced in accordance with standards of European Union MID-Measurement Instruments Directive were presented in the Makel booth and detailed information was given about those products.

The first run of our PLC modem solution in the Prime Standard to be added to our product portfolio in the year of 2013. PLC modem is designed as an external device in the same concept with Wport smart modem device. Addition to this, OPTUS USB-based optic communication product was presented. Several commercial negotiations were made with Purchaser companies from different countries of Europe, Africa and Asia which visited Makel booth, and first steps were made in order to start up special projects.

Makel continues to work in order to take its place in international fairs to enlarge its exports in electronic counter and other products, and to bring its products which are made with the labor and effort of Turkish Engineers and Workers and high-technology with quality to use of  other countries all over the world. 

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