Harmonic Filter Reactors, Capacitors in Filter Compensation SystemsBy using harmonic filter reactors in compression systems, the following problems encountered in harmonic systems are solved


  • Overcurrent pulling at the moment when the capacitors are switched on
  • The excessive increase of currents due to harmonic resonance condition and overloading of capacitors
  • Condenser breakdown in a short time
  • Loads of lines due to overcurrents, warming on wires
  • Opening the protective elements as untimely
  • Harmonics cause excessive distortion of mains voltage, therefore problems experienced in sensitive devices
  • Developments in communication systems
  • Unexplained problems and failures in electronic cards, devices and computers

The choice of harmonic filter reactors and power capacitors is of great importance in filter-based compensation systems. The
following points are important during the selection of the capacitor and the reactor in order to obtain the expected performance
from the installed filter compensation system.

The resonance frequency of the filter compensation system is selected according to the harmonics in the system

Since the terminal voltages of the condensers will be higher than the mains voltage with the use of the reactors, the nominal
voltage of the capacitors to be used is determined according to the selected resonance frequency

High-voltage capacitors and harmonic filter reactors, which use compensation power in filter-based compensation systems, are
different from the sum of capacitor and capacitor due to their reasons.

For this reason, the compensation power of the filtered system should be calculated. Otherwise, an incomplete compensation
state may be encountered.

To participate in the calculation of the additional temperature increases due to the reactors in the filter compensation panels to
be installed and taking necessary measures in the pano.

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