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Makel Corporate Group presented its new products by attending to “ELEKTRO-2012” fair which was held in Moscow, Russia in 13-16 June 2012.

Makel Corporate Group continues its successful sales and marketing carried on in Russian market since 1990s. Makel, which attended to “ELEKTRO-2012” fair that is deemed as the biggest and most important international fair in electric material industry in Russia and in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, received appreciation of visitors and business partners in the fair with its charming booth and new products.

469 companies from different countries including Russia and Turkey attended to the fair which opened its doors to attendees for 21st time in the Expocentre Fair Center in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Totally 14 thousand of visitors, including especially potential professional company representatives who are in search for a new business partnership from Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and other countries, visited "ELEKTRO-2102" Fair.

Makel Corporate Group, which attends "ELEKTRO-2012" Fair for many years, received appreciation with its high-quality, aesthetic and durable electric materials under the Makel brand. In the Makel booth; “CELLIA branded switch and plug series “ which wins attraction and impresses with its metal frames of which high-quality is registered internationally with “Gold Quality” certificate; “MILLANTA modular switch and plug series” that combined multi-functional options and aesthetic together, “DEFNE Switch and Plug Series” which redirects the decoration with its basic design and the new and strong “Switch series” including electronic mono-phase, three-phase and combi counters, breakers, residual current circuit breakers and compact contact breakers are all received a great attraction.  

A lot of companies from Russia and neighboring countries demanded to be the authorized sales point of Makel products in order to sale them .

Makel Sales and Marketing Coordinator Nihat Ünver, who talked in “ELEKTRO – 2012” Fair, told that the company races to the best in Russian market in 2012 and that they continue their studies and efforts to expand in Russia with new sales points with its new series and products in switches and plugs and they focus on increasing the number of sales points that sale Makel branded products. Ünver added as following:

“As Makel, we carry on a successful sales-promotion campaign in Russian market between the dates of 15 June – 15 August. We also give information about this campaign to our visitor companies which come to Makel booth in “ELEKTRO-2012” Fair. Campaign takes attention especially with its gifts. MAKEL makes its presence felt as a company which is one of those first companies entered into the Russian market which is a giant market with 140 million populations and the biggest geographical area all over the world since it opened up several marketing offices and made so many successful businesses in Russia for many years. In the current situation, it is possible to meet a Makel branded product in nearly every sales-point. Makel plays for the leadership in sales in Russia, that is a giant market in which there are so many cheap and counterfeit products originating from China and in which so many leading companies of all over the world try to exist. Russian consumers mentioned their trust on products “Made in Turkey” and Turkish Quality with Makel-branded products that they buy and use for several years. Makel-branded products are deemed as the reference product by Russian consumers because of their quality, material usage of highest quality and craftsmanship, their aesthetic, durability and economical prices“.

MAKEL has been going great guns in selling high-quality, durable and economical products with MAKEL brand in Turkish market as well as abroad since early 1990s and it brings foreign currency from export in significant amounts. MAKEL is on the first rank in Export in Turkey for many years with its Made in Turkey electric materials in its field. It exports MAKEL branded electric materials to more than 40 countries in 3 continents including Russia with the goal of electric materials sales and exports its products to a new market with each passing day. 

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