"We produce for the world..."

Makel Corporate Group continues representing its sectoral products that are produced in the world standards to the entire world with the motto of “We produce for the World”. 

Makel Corporate Group continues to represent its products and put them on new markets successfully in more than 40 countries in the world with the entire national production vision and with more than 1500 people employed. It has the most developed quality laboratory and high-technology production facilities in Turkey and industry in order to achieve its goal as being a world brand.

Makel, quickly goes on its way which it started up in 1977 in order to serve for its country and industry with its main objective as protecting its commercial principles. It gradually continues to be a world company by growing steadily and healthily with its aesthetic and high quality range of products which could present the best quality and price to its business partners and also final product users.

Makel, which sustains its successful studies in order to be a world brand by attending those foreign fairs, attended to “MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY FAIR” in Dubai, the most important trade and tourism capital of Arabian Peninsula, between the dates of 7 – 9 February 2012 with a booth of 30m2 area and  şt also attended to “STROYCIP 2012 FAIR” which was held in the most important big city of Russia, Siberia-Novosibirsk between the dates of 14-17 February 2012 with the booth of 78 m2 area.

European Landing of MAKEL

Makel, which attended to one of the most important fairs of Germany, ““LIGHT + BUILDING 2012 FAIR” that was held in Frankfurt with a booth of 144 m2, impressed visitors with its booth design and products.

2352 companies from 50 different countries attended to the Light + Building 2012 Fair that was held in Frankfurt, Germany, between the dates of 15 – 20 April 2012. This is one of the leading and prestigious fairs of this industry. More than 196 thousand of people from different countries including Germany visited fair, most of them were Professional purchaser companies and individuals. 

In this fair, to which world leading companies of electric and building materials attended, Makel represented the Turkish Electrical Materials Industry successfully and presented its new products. Makel’s booth gained attraction and appreciation of visitors and companies from Germany and other countries, which attended to the fair in order to purchase with the design of its booth, switch and plug series made in Turkey, switch products, remote reading electronic counters, circuit breaker boards and group plugs. Makel, presented LUMIA switch-plug series in which there are different frames used and which shall be in luxurious switch and plug group. Other luxurious switch and plug series such as Cellia, Cellia Modular Metal , Millanta Modular and Kare Modular series gained great appreciation and attraction. German market, West European Market and so many purchasers from several countries all over the world made negotiations with Makel in order to make cooperation and collaboration and new business contacts were provided. Makel was praised with the design, aesthetic, quality and variety of its products.  

Makel, which continued its fair marathon with Ukraine “ELCOM 2012 FAIR” that was held in 17–20 April 2012 with a booth of 88 m2 area and “EXPOPOWER 2012 FAIR” that was held in Poland in 08-10 May 2012 with a booth of 60 m2, realized and created new business contacts and its representation studies with the delight of adding value to its country as well as new business contacts. 

In ELCOM 2012 Fair, which was held in KievExpoPlaza in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, there were more than 350 participant companies from 13 countries attended. 12 thousand people, most of which were Professional company representatives from Ukraine and neighboring countries visited ELCOM 2012.  Ukrainian purchasers and purchaser companies from neighboring countries showed great interest to new key series LUMIA and expressed that the products of Makel which are all Made in Turkey, are reference products for TM Quality in Ukraine. Negotiations were made with several companies which demanded to take the franchising of Makel and to sell Makel branded products in Ukraine market and first meetings about cooperation were made with purchasers who visited the fair from several neighboring countries.

More than 300 companies from Poland and other 11 countries attended to EXPOPOWER 2012 Poland which was held in Poznan, the fair city of Poland between the dates of 8 – 10 May 2012.  Makel attended firstly to EXPOWER 2012 which is one of the leading fairs of Poland and the region. Makel, which is the Export Leader of Turkey as the product range in electric materials industry of Turkey, included Poland to its target countries in line with its expanding policy in European markets. Makel, which made studies in increasing exports to Poland and neighboring countries, made negotiations and meetings with important purchasers from Poland and other countries. It realized the first contacts in sales of Makel branded products successfully in EXPOWER 2012.

Makel, which continues to grow in Turkish market steadily, quickens its studies on exporting its products that are all made in Turkey under the brand name of Makel as a Turkish Export Leader to other countries of the World. Accordingly, Makel gives a great importance to attend to international fairs that are held in target countries in different geographies and Makel’s booth always takes attraction and attention from visitors who are coming from all over the world.  During the fair, as well as new product types, there is a possibility to represent current products and detailed information could be given to visitors about products. It could be also possible to meet with company representatives and those twp could be combined with each other.

MAKEL shall continue to give high-quality, aesthetic and quick service to its industry by making R&D investments on all types of products which is needed by the sector by checking the pulse of the sector regularly.  

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